Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Theater, Music, Dance, and deceiving your eyes

Today we had group presentation on computation and robotics in theater (see, e.g., Death and the Powers), as well as physical robotic music and dance (e.g., this automated wonder from Intel, based on the rather famous 2004 "Pipe Dream" animation by Animusic).

an autostereoscope

This afternoon I showed the class an antique stereoscope, and discussed the mechanism behind autostereograms, which was popularized by the Magic Eye (TM) book series.  Fun stuff!
An abstract autostereogram created using NetLogo, by having the "butterfly" agents start at the left hand side of the screen and move forward differentially depending on their y-coordinate.  You may have to view the original size image to get the 3D effect to happen...

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