Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fin, finis, finale...

I am pleased to report that the "Computational Art Fair" was a great success.  The students showed off a variety of unique/interesting projects that they had pulled together in only a little over a week.  Some of them were quite impressive.  Attendance was also good -- I didn't count, but I would estimate that around 40 guests came throughout the event, along with a photographer & a writer from the college's communications office.

I'm afraid these photos don't do the artworks justice at all, but here are a few pictures nonetheless!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed following along a whirlwind tour of Computational Art, and glimpses into the CSC 271 course here at Centre College.  I'll be signing off blogging (for the present anyway), and going back to teach some more traditional courses (Algorithms, and Discrete Mathematics) for the Spring term...

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