Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowflakes & 2D movies

Today Centre student Everett Boyer gave a short guest lecture to our class, describing his joint research work with Chris Robinson and Dr. James Kelly about the formation of snowflakes -- a topic that combines art and science through the beauty of nature.

Image courtesy of Everett Boyer

We also talked about:
  • How to export 2D movies from NetLogo, and transcode them into a reasonable format/codec using lqt_transcode (from Ubuntu's quicktime-utils package), and a bash script I wrote that uses ffmpeg and x264. 
  • How to do simple generative/algorithmic music using NetLogo's sound extension.
  • Final projects & upcoming group presentations on special topics...
P.S. I also stumbled across this charming piece about lawyers, computer scientists, and IP copyright law...

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