Friday, January 20, 2012

Computational Music, Sound, and Poetry

This morning we had our second guest speaker, Dr. Timothy Polashek, of Transylvania University.  Dr. Polashek is a computer music specialist and composer of electro-acoustic, instrumental, and vocal music.  He discussed several of his projects, including fixed-media videomusic works, interactive and algorithmic music works, multimedia installations, and computer generated poetry.  He frequently writes his own computer programs to produce aspects of his works, and he demonstrated examples for us in the C++, Max/MSP/Jitter, and Csound computer languages.

Dr. Polashek also directed the STUDIO 300 Festival in Lexington last September, which had an impressive array of digital art and music works and performances.  Keep your eyes out for the 2012 edition of this fascinating event!

In the afternoon, we finished our last round of "art critiques", giving peer feedback on final project progress.  Now it's just a rush to the finish, at the final Computational Art Fair/Exhibition next Tuesday.  The students are working hard on their final projects, and I anticipate great things being accomplished over the next 3 days...

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